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               My name is Rupamanjari, and I am a children’s book author. I am a scientist (by profession), an artist, a miniaturist, a Mum, and an educator. I love experimenting with ways to teach kids how to read and learn, and to help them grow their own thought spaces. I love travelling, interacting with people from different cultures, different nationalities,


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"Filled with whimsy and wonder. On a chilly school day, Nina takes advantage of a few extra minutes to draw doodles in the foggy patch that her breath leaves on a glass window. Her usual doodle, Pip, watches everything happening around him from a solitary position where he remains stuck in the pane. Something unexpected …"

- Indies Today ★★★★★

"A whimsical fling into the fantastic realm of imagination, Magic in Windowland is a fun adventure about freedom and friendship. The illustrations are crisp and vivid, and the chosen font is engaging, while also allowing for emotional formatting of the text. The messaging is powerful but subtle, making this delightful children's book an optimistic pleasure to read."

-Self Publishing Review ★★★★★

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