Introducing my new project,

A Home for Amare.

It is a book about wildlife conservation; a story that I wrote last year, inspired by a news article about the critical endangerment of Sumatran rhinos. As a kid, I have always been fascinated by rhinoceroses. I don’t exactly know why. Maybe because of their similarities with the Triceratops (my favourite dinosaur) (?) When I read about the reducing numbers of these beasts, I did a bit of research on the internet and found that it is not just the Sumatran rhinos, but all rhinoceros species are currently being considered to be critically endangered. At the time when I read this article, the pandemic was just settling in. So (as you can imagine), my first thought was, the Apocalypse was coming. And I got all depressed. A few days later, in another article, I saw that a baby black rhino was born in a protected evironment. And a beautiful story shaped itself in my mind. In my work of fiction, I tried to connect these events to compose a story that will (hopefully) help to spread awareness about wildlife conservation, and encourage children to feel the emotions that animals feel, just like us. Here is a short video I made to introduce my main character, Amare.