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  Thank you for visiting my website.

            My name is Rupamanjari, and I am a children’s book author. I am a scientist (by profession), an artist, a miniaturist, a Mum, and an educator. I love experimenting with ways to teach kids how to read and learn, and to help them grow their own thought spaces. I love travelling, interacting with people from different cultures, different nationalities, learning their stories and giving back a little something in return.

             I write in many genres, but my personal favourite one is adventure. As a kid, I always wished that life could be more exciting that is was. I envied the children from the Enid Blyton books; children, who had the good fortune of going on a new adventure every day, with a new mystery to solve, and treasure to recover … and here I was, sitting in some library, wasting my time reading up on some other kids’ deeds when I could just go and do my own thing (sigh!) I figured, if an adventure doesn’t come my way, I need to make one for myself. So that’s how it all began.

       I dedicate my books to all kids who feel the same way (as I’m afraid, I still do!)



My Hobbies

               “I have several hobbies, but making miniatures tops the list. Ever since I moved to Germany, the miniature collections of Reutter Porzellan have fascinated me to the extent that one day I just pick up my clay and tried making some for myself. I use clay, wood and chalk-based colours.”

A bit about my Book

                  Magic in Windowland, is a fun adventure story. It is supposed to be the first book in a series of sixteen books (planned, as of now). I wrote this book during the closure period in 2020 to entertain my young daughter, who was unhappy being cooped up at home, and for my husband, who, like me, was suffering from depression because at having lost some very close family back in India (where we come from). Although Magic in Windowland is a classic adventure story, there is an important life lesson attached to the series, as a whole, that I have tried to portray as sympathetically as possible. It is about survival and adapting to changes in our daily lives. My intention was to use a minimalist setting for the book to reflect a state of confinement that every child can relate to. I try to show how the characters adapt to the small changes in their environment that lead to catastrophic consequences and how they make the best of the worst situations.

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